Hello, Bass World!

January 18, 2010

Just a quick note… I recently got a really nice review of *Clang & Chime* on the No Treble website (http://notreble.com), and while they conveyed some wonderful compliments, they included a link to this blog here as my “website”.

If you’re here now because you clicked that link, and are looking for someplace with actual MUSIC, feel to try this:


Thanks for listening… I’ll be posting again soon once I’m off the road! :D


One comment

  1. Seth,
    Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job on all of your performances.
    You are a total pro!!
    Both you and Petteri Sariola were phenomenal. Everyone so enjoyed your sets.
    I have to say, not only are you a great singer/songwriter/performer, but it’s so refreshing how you to take guys like Petteri, under your wing. The industry (shouldn’t be called that buy it is) is better for having you around!
    Your professionalism made my job so much easier! No, REALY! I am being honest!!
    I am looking forward to having you back to NAMM in 2011 and next time I promise a better set time.
    Please copy and paste this to a word doc, save it, and show me next year! I PROMISE!

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