Whoooaaa-OH! …you’re invited but your friend can’t come.

October 30, 2010

I’ve got no more tour dates booked for the rest of the year.

But I AM doing a bunch more concerts.  A small series of them, in fact.

Though late to the party, I’m getting in on the wild world of VIDEO WEBCASTING, and I’ve set up a brand new, private website to do it through.

It’s not for everyone.  Only a select group of people can be in this audience. Those elusive folks I’ve mentioned in previous posts:  The People Who Care.  Otherwise known as “fans”. :)

In order to gain access to this website, you must first take a very short quiz.  The quiz is very simple, and it’s a cinch for anyone who’s stayed current with the music I’ve released.  Once you’re in, you have access to exclusive material; in addition to the live webcasts, there are unreleased songs, photos (and before long: videos), as well as a discussion forum.


Now.  I first announced this site about a week and a half ago, and since then, an impressive number of people have attempted to check it out.

Less than a third of them currently have access to the site.

I’ve received a growing number of…   well, I guess you’d call them “complaints” from people who couldn’t pass the quiz.  The common sentiments in these messages fall into two groups — there’s the first group of “hey, we’re friends; why don’t you just tell me the answer and let me in?”, and the second group of “I’ve been listening to you for years – just because I don’t know the answer to this, suddenly I’m not a ‘fan’?

To explain: I’m going to use this site to debut my brand new material; some stuff that’s not even finished yet.  It’s going to be intimate, and I want to play for people who really know where I’m coming from artistically; folks who have perspective and who are excited about getting a first-look at what’s to come.  It’s a special thing, and I feel like I would have to explain too much if there were a lot of folks in on it who just “really like that song you do about the pretty people”.  And I wouldn’t say it’s not for friends; I would say it’s not JUST for friends.

Now for a little story:

I was a HUGE fan of Tori Amos for over a decade.  I mean, I was obsessive; I sought out imports and B-sides by her just to keep my collection complete.  I have a LOT of her releases, and when I was in college and didn’t know anyone else who liked her, I still drove three hours to go see her by myself.  I was a SUPER-fan.

But I was surprised to hear that she just put out a new album last month, because I don’t even have the one she put out before that, and it’s been out for over a year.  I’m not even sure I know the correct title.  I’ve heard the single that was promoted, but I just haven’t been a zealot for her like I used to be.  I now have to say that I only have “most” of her records, but I don’t listen to her like I used to, and I’m definitely much more familiar with the songs she recorded eight years ago than the ones she’s putting out now.

I have to admit that if Tori started a “fans only” site that required a correct answer to a question about her newer material, I probably wouldn’t be able to gain entry, either.

So if it was important enough to me to get in on that, I’d probably have to set aside a weekend afternoon and get myself caught up or reacquainted with what she’s been up to.

In fact, I think I’m going to.   ‘Nuff said.  :)



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