I believe the children are our future…. well, okay; actually not the children so much as the aspiring bassists…

June 9, 2011

Man, Nevada is experiencing some unseasonably cold weather for this time of year!!

Not that I’d know anything about that… I’m in New York.  :]

This summer I was offered the opportunity to teach at a brand new music facility in Syracuse, and I’ve augmented that by reaching out to small studios and academies in the surrounding cities so I can teach all over the place.

After being out west for so long, my idea of cities that are “close together” still involves at least two hours’ driving (Northern Nevadans can talk to me about how “Carson City is only a half hour from Reno, and I can counter with “Carson ‘City’ isn’t a real city”, but that’s an argument for another time).  So to be here and remember that Syracuse is only an hour away from Rochester, Watertown, Utica, Ithaca, and Binghamton; each an independent municipality, and with over a dozen universities and colleges between them…   well that’s sort of blowing my mind at the moment, and since everyone here is so conditioned to think of these other towns as “too far away”, no other educators seem to have expanded their reach.

So it’s time!  Game-change commencing!

And so, it is with a grand flourish that I offer to the People of Upstate New York:


That page has a brief overview of what I’m doing, and contains a growing number of nice testimonials from my previous students. If you or the bass player in your life happens to live anywhere in Central or Northern New York State, take a look, and feel free to forward it on to friends who may fall into that category!

I promise I’ll have more to report in the way of East Coast performances soon, but right now it’s time to shape the musical minds of tomorrow…

(evil laugh)

-Seth :]


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