They Care

December 28, 2011

…Indeed; that is the working title of the song I’ve just demoed and posted on Soundcloud. 

There is a definite process an artist goes through when honing a song; getting it ready for public consumption…  but I’ve decided to chuck caution to the wind with this one, as it was inspired by the current socio-politico-economic climate, and I figure it’s more important that this particular tune be “OUT THERE, HEARD” rather than “PRODUCED TO PERFECTION A YEAR AFTER THE FACT”.

So please do have a listen; it’s just me, singing and playing. 

It’s not a particularly fancy bass part; it’s not a soaring melody.  There’s no sophisticated looping.

But after all the conversations I’ve had with people who genuinely believe that they are secure in their current economic and social status just because “it couldn’t possibly change”, I felt it merited a look from the viewpoint of both the devil’s advocate and the sycophant.





  1. I should mention that since this was posted, I’ve added a second song to the Soundcloud page; quite different in most every way…


  2. It’s musical, man! That’s why people other than bass players dig it…sometimes even more than bass players :-) I really dig your harmonic sense, and the way you make the fact that you’re doing these “songs” on a bass, secondary. Even the stuff you call simple, still takes a great sense of rhythm to pull off…correctly (i.e. not rushed, even tone, hand/finger placement to get the tone you’re going after).

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