The Ransom Update

April 29, 2013

Ransom Update 1I’m so happy, proud, and thankful.   This past weekend has been awesome to behold, and it has reiterated what I already knew: you guys are awesome.

As I post this, just before 10:30 AM, Monday, April 29th, I am thrilled to report that the ransom you’ve raised so far has hit $895.

That’s over 35% of the first ransom goal… in ONLY THREE DAYS.

But it gets better.

This amount was raised by only 39 PEOPLE.

That’s incredible, if you think about it. That means that 39 of you gave an average of about $23 each (though some gave much less and a select few gave much more).

So even though this song collection probably won’t be a dozen songs (feel free to prove me wrong on that), so far the average donation is about DOUBLE what you’d normally pay for a 12-song album.

I was thinking that logically, each person could throw in a few bucks and that “strength in numbers” would get quite a few songs released… and I thought it would take a few months. But this is already beyond what I hoped for at this point, and I am grateful!

I might even go so far as to feel cautiously optimistic. I mean, There are just over 4,000 of you on the email list, and we’re already over a third of the way to releasing Song #1 with LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF YOU getting involved.

So here it is: if you read about this and have been on the fence about whether or not it’s something you want to “risk” contributing to, the votes are coming in (in dollar form), and it’s official: there is less risk than expected.

Remember, I’m not looking for ten or twenty wealthy people to foot the bill.

I’m looking for a couple thousand of you to chip in a few bucks each to get this music released.

…then I’m pretty sure there’s an email in your inbox (or… le sigh… your spam folder) that you missed last Friday! If you can’t find it, you can read about this whole project  by visiting this page

Here are a few samples of some rough mixes of my ‘hostages’.  Rest assured they’ll be cleaned up, fed and watered, and in one piece when they’re released…

Heard enough?

Here’s how you can help release them.


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