Ransom Update #2 – You’re gonna like this.

May 6, 2013

Big development this week!  First I’ll give you the update, then I’ll explain…

As I post this the morning of Monday, May 6th, the ransom money you’ve raised so far has hit $1,466.

This week’s funds were raised by only 32 PEOPLE. That, plus our 39 supporters from last week, means that 71 of you are now giving me the vote of confidence to get this thing done.  Thank you to everyone who has gotten involved!!

So here’s the development:

I based the original ‘ransom demand’ on the size of my mailing list, which I completely overhauled and rebuilt so that I could have an accurate idea of who’s out there and paying attention.

Over the past week, I’ve been testing how reliable that list is.  I did a “list cleaning” to weed out old and abandoned addresses, and sent out a “Should I delete you?”-message to people who hadn’t been active for awhile.

The result: my list is down from just over 4,000 people to just over 3,200. That’s about 20% less than I based the original ransom demand on.

So I’m lowering the ransom by 20% as well.  It’s only fair.  From here on out, the ransom for each song is only $2,000.  (Who says you can’t negotiate with the bad guy?)

Seventy-one supporters is only 2% of the newly trimmed fan base, but now that the ransom has been renegotiated, their efforts have pushed us over 73% of the first goal.

I’ll say that again for the people who like to scan quickly and read the big words:


Now — don’t get any ideas about the ransom for each song decreasing again. I’m pretty sure most of the professional grown-ups reading this bring home at least two grand a month, which is about the amount of time and energy it takes to write, produce, record, mix, and release a professional-quality track (not to mention, there are costs related to all that).  And don’t forget — once each song is out there at the mercy of the file-sharing community, I’m not going to fight it — it’ll be a free download from that point forward.   So I need your support NOW; pre-release.

…then you can read about this whole project (and listen to a sampler of some of the new songs) by visiting: http://bit.ly/Y0Ff7e

AND IF YOU’RE READY TO HELP RELEASE THE HOSTAGES WITH A DONATION, click this large, blue, candy-like button – please and thank you! :)

Release the Hostages

It’s an exciting time to be making esoteric pop music for classy people.  Onward!


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