Ransom Update #3 – Sweet release

May 15, 2013


Look at THAT.  

I mean, LOOK at that.

I am so excited, so motivated, so thankful.  You know who you are, and to all of you who made this happen: THANK YOU.

The first song from the “Hostage Situation” project has been released:

Feel free to listen, to download, to share — I already got paid for releasing it. That’s the point of this whole thing.

That having been said — if you haven’t yet contributed to the project, anything you choose to pay for this track will count towards the ransom for the NEXT one.

If you have been remiss to pay anything until this point because there was no immediate exchange, I understand.  But now, there IS — so you could, for instance, choose to pay $2 for this download, and call it a dollar for this song and a dollar for the next one.  Now imagine if you and a THOUSAND other people did that.  There would be another song released right away.  And you’d barely miss the two bucks. Perspective.

There is a PDF with artwork and lyrics available directly from the Bandcamp page for the song (just click on the text in the player rather than hitting the play button and it should take you there). Have at.  

And to the 116 of you who contributed so far: This is more than “cool”. This is making a big statement about art, value, and exchange, and I’m excited to see how far we can take it. Thank you!


One comment

  1. Loving it! Tell Gina the artwork is gorgeous!

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